Summit 2023


Mike Wedderburn (Host)Anita Abayomi (Co-Host)Leon MannImani-Lara Lansiquot Christian Scotland WilliamsonLutalo MuhammadCarina WhiteLloyd GroseLewis HamiltonBobby KasangaRichard RiakporheTony BurnettAlice DearingAnton FerdinandDarren Lewis

Employer Opportunities Testimonials

BIS aims to build an ecosystem of professionals in sport that serve as role models to other aspiring sports professionals, and helps establish a pathway into the sport industry for many young people, away from being a professional athlete. Many people believe that a career in sport only exists as a professional athlete but there is a vast world of sport outside of any professional game. BIS is devoted to opening the door for more people to experience the world of sport outside of the playing field and with access to top and diverse talent from across the country, it is an opportunity for everyone to come together and pave the way. Our audience will have access to opportunities like internships, mentorship schemes, and insights into our partner organisations who in turn can expect to gain access to and insights in how to attract diverse talent to their organisation.

three sports jounalists sitting on sofa

Esther Ope-Elias

Junior Creative Internship at VERSUS

“The VERSUS team were extremely supportive during my internship, it opened my eyes to the different positions within the sports media industry and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity from the BIS employer challenge.”

three sports jounalists sitting on sofa

Hopkins Langlah

Marketing Internship at MyProtien

“Completing a 2-week internship at Myprotein was an amazing experience. I learned the intricacies of YouTube video creation and analysis, as well as the editorial process behind blog writing. It was truly enlightening”



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